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Monday, September 29, 2008

New Green Camoflauge Crib Set

This is a very popular crib set. I also have hot pink in my eBay store for little girls. This is a four piece set including the bumper pad, toddler throw, sheet and bed ruffle. I also have primitive and unique designs... Stop in my eBay store and check them out. Copy and paste the link and happy shopping :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pray For Caylee

Whenever I see a picture of that little 3 year old angel, my heart hurts. I pray that Caylee is not in pain, or being abused and that God has her in his gentle hands. I hope the police and other officials are able to solve this situation soon, so that there is closure for her loved ones and all who sit on the edges of their seats when we hear that there is breaking news on the Caylee Anthony case... *sending prayers to precious Caylee*

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Raining here...

It is raining here this evening and is supposed to through this weekend. Fall is definitely here. I am selling alot of Halloween and Fall eBay auction templates and a few Christmas ones lately. My templates are easy and I will be happy to help you with them. As you can tell on my blog, I have been posting quite a bit on my views on the election and not so much on my listings and crafts. I'll try to be better about crafting, listing and sharing more of what I get finished on my handmades. Fall is such a busy time of year for me, as there is much yard work to do and I sell so many pumpkins that I even work on them at the bus stop. I really don't have much time to work on anything else. When they level off, I will start making some really cute Christmas bowl fillers. Thanks for popping in and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hang Tags With Homespun

These are so cute and hang tags are such great sellers for me! As you know, I am happy to take wholesale orders for them and you may email me at If you have a specific color homespun, please let me know what you would like when you contact me. I have Christmas colors in my store as well as fall colors. Thank you so much for peeking and for your orders. xox

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check out this GORGEOUS Country Quilt!

This has to be my favorite quilt that Victorian Heart offers. This multi colored star quilt is on sale in my eBay store. I am continually listing quilts and their accessories, as their new fall line is now available. If you do not see shams or ruffles listed, please email me via your favorite quilt and I'll be happy to list the items for you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nursery - Crib Sets

I love this crib set! It is called the Constance Crib Set and is available in my eBay store, as well as many other styles and themes. My prices are excellent, as I have undercut most of the other sellers on eBay to bring you the best price that I possibly can. Click on the link to the right to visit my eBay store and see all of the quilts, shams, bed skirts, pillows and crib sets that I have currently listed for sale. This quilt line has been featured in Country Sampler, and other beautiful country magazines and brought to you on eBay at much lower prices by me. These are high quality Victorian Heart items, where new items are introduced twice per year. Check it out...

Canvas Baseball Flag

I have one or two of these left. They are marked down and priced to sell. Baseball, one of our best American past times...


I love strawberries! Sometimes I dip them into Cool Whip... "light" of course :) I made these from a pattern from Oodlekadoodle Primitives. They are made of fabric and have french knots on them. They are one of my favorite primitives that I have made. They are listed in my Etsy shop and in my eBay store. This is the last set and they are priced to sell, so get them while you can...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall TV

This picture was taken down the road, yes, on our West Virginia country roads, last fall... It is beautiful here during the fall ~ our trees here on the mountain are hundreds of years old and the state parks help reserve our beauty. One of my favorite things about fall, aside from the beauty, is fall tv! I can't wait to see Survivor, new episodes of CSI and let us NOT forget HOUSE! Lounging around with a hot cup of tea or cocoa watching our favorite fall tv shows, is something we look forward to every year...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ahhhh the Trampoline...

If you have a trampoline in your yard, which I think could be easily referred to as the "West Virginia front lawn ornament", you know the scoop. Every time we mow, we have to move the trampoline. During the fall, all of the leaves, sticks and nuts fall off of the trees and land on the trampoline. The debris gets up under the edges of the spring cover.... The spring covers do not last long on trampolines. Ours would get saturated with water and then we you got up onto the trampoline, your clothes and body would get wet from the wet cover and then when you proceed to jump, the water runs to the center, where you are. The top of the legs rust. When you move the trampoline, straining and twisting your body to get JUST the right leverage to move it, sometimes the legs fall off... It's simply not worth the few times it gets used. So, Saturday, I took the monster apart, with my dog watching me, and wheeled it down to the trash. Looks like someone has already come by and picked up the top piece to it. I am glad they got it before the trash company did.

Hopi Crepe Myrtle

If you love crepe myrtles, but live in a cooler climate, you may want to check out the Hopi Crepe Myrtle. I purchased 2 crepe myrtles several years ago... a not so hardy purple one and this Hopi. The wind blew my purple one over and it uprooted, but my Hopi has survived hard winds and cold weather. They are fast growing and offer gorgeous white blooms in August.

Primitive Wooden Christmas Signs

With fall quickly approaching and vendors stocking their booths and shops with Christmas items, now is the time to list and sell Christmas items at prices affordable to move your merchandise. These cute signs were just listed today in my eBay store, for only 3.99 plus shipping, each. This is practically wholesale cost. See my eBay store for details.

Pretty Christmas Homespun Fabric Strips

It's time to stock your stores with Christmas items, if you haven't already. I have several green and red, Christmas fabric strips. I have already sold a couple, so come in and get them while they are in stock. HO HO HO!

Oh My Gosh What Next??

A friend sent this email to me and I wanted to share. I have to warn you, it is very disgusting, but has been verified by

BEIJING (AFP) - Used condoms are being recycled into hair bands in southern China threatening to spread sexually-transmittable diseases they were originally meant to prevent, state media reported Tuesday

In the latest example of potentially harmful Chinese-made products, rubber hair bands have been found in local markets and beauty salons in Dongguan and Guangzhou cities in southern Guangdong province, China Daily newspaper said.

'These cheap and colorful rubber bands and hair ties sell well ..... threatening the health of local people,' it said. Despite being recycled, the hair bands could still contain bacteria and viruses, it said.

'People could be infected with AIDS, (genital) warts or other diseases if they hold the rubber bands or strings in their mouths while waving their hair into plaits or buns,' the paper quoted a local dermatologist who gave only his surname, Dong, as saying that a bag of ten of the recycled bands sells for just three cents, much cheaper than others on the market, accounting for their popularity, the paper said.

A government official was quoted as saying recycling condoms was illegal. China's manufacturing industry has been repeatedly tarnished this year by a string of scandals involving shoddy or dangerous goods made for both domestic and foreign markets.

In response, it launched a public relations blitz this summer aimed at playing up efforts to strengthen monitoring systems.

Check your kids hair bands and make sure they do not put them in their mouth while trying to plait or tie their hair

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Bay Bridge...

As many of you know, we went to Ocean City this summer as one of our planned camping trips. We had a great time, however, to get to there from here, we must travel across the Bay Bridge. Now, not only did we have to cross the Bay Bridge to get to the beach, they diverted us onto the oncoming traffic bridge, what many natives there call, "suicide lane". OMGOSH! I was BESIDE myself! I have always had a fear of bridges... even as a child, I would NOT ride across a bridge, especially the old wooden plank ones, on my bicycle without my dad getting absolutely FURIOUS with me and much coaxing from my mom.

There's something about being "suspended" above water and I prefer to be on solid ground... Yes, that is right, NO CRUISES for me either... Titanic did me in for sure... If I wasn't fearful of being on water enough, Titanic finished any inkling I may have had in my head to enjoy a nice cruise with my dh. Regardless, here are a few shots that I took to keep my mind occupied while travelling over the 7 mile bridge. These were taken on our way home...

No More Relisting This Baby...

This is the third time on auction for my old John Deere. I also have it in the local Buyers Guide. I will not be relisting it. I always have a fair amount of watchers on it and I get a few questions, but not one bid. I did get an offer of 150.00 when I first listed it and STUPIDLY declined the man's offer. The tires are worth more than the 99.00 bid I started it at. Anyway, wish me luck on selling it.... If it doesn't sell, I'm giving it to my neighbor. The link to it on eBay is

Pretty in Pink and Purple

It always happens... at the end of the summer, the annuals kick in and really begin to look gorgeous! After struggling in a cold spring and then settling into a hot summer, they finally take off when the weather cools and the dewy mornings come more frequently. If your petunias get too leggy, you can always pinch them off and they will fill out and bloom for you. I prefer petunias in pots, but have done them along my sidewalk and they do well there, too. Enjoy your annuals, as the frost will be here soon!

My Lonely Stella...

As the days begin to get shorter and the leaves start to fall, there are a few perennials that burst open in bloom, their "second breath" of summer before fall settles in... Stella D'Oros are one of my favorites and they give me a second breath at the close of every summer. If you haven't purchased any Stellas for your gardens yet, please do yourself a favor and do it! These give so much pleasure with very little maintenance. Enjoy... before too long, I'll be posting pics of ice on the brances of our trees :)

Fall Pumpkin Pattern

Isn't this cute? If you would like to make a pumpkin like this for yourself, you can purchase Deanna's easy fall pumpkin pattern by clicking on her Nanny Goat Primitives link to the right in my links list. Deanna is a dear friend who lives in the beautiful state of Colorado, near Denver. Is it snowing there yet Deanna? LOL!! I'm sure it will be before long... Beautiful pumpkin Deanna... keep up the primitively perfect work!

Doesn't this pie look DELICIOUS?

Doesn't this delicious looking apple pie make your mouth water? Well, sorry, but you can't eat this one. It is a primitive handmade creation by Sue aka Oodlekadoodle Primitives. Sue is a very dear friend and lives out in Minnesota where it is already getting COLDER by the day... If you would like to purchase Sue's famous apple pie pattern, please visit her store at Her link is also to the right in my links list. Fall is the time for "baking" creations ladies, so get her pattern while it is still available ~

Saturday, September 13, 2008

No One Injured In Fire... Article from The Journal

A piece of Jefferson County's history was lost in an early morning blaze Friday.

Seven fire companies from Jefferson County, along with six from nearby Loudoun County, Va., and Washington County, Md., were called to a fire at xxxxxxxx shortly after 3 a.m. that day, officials said.

By the time the companies arrived, the three-story home was fully involved and the roof was engulfed in flames, said Earl Cogle, chief of Blue Ridge Fire Co. No injuries were reported.

Cogle said firefighters used more than 60,000 gallons of water to extinguish the flames, which reached so high that they scorched tree branches behind the home.

The first responders to arrive on the scene had come from Charles Town, and they reported to Cogle that the riverside blaze was visible as they drove out of town, he said.

"It looked like a sunset," Cogle said.

The blaze had been put out by shortly after noon, although firefighters remained on the scene and expected to be there for at least another hour working to quell hot spots that persisted inside the structure's remains. The smell of smoke hung in the air as they walked through the shell that was left behind.

The property's owner, Steve Peterson, stood nearby.

"It's a real loss," he said. "I'm just thankful that no one was injured."

Peterson said he was at his girlfriend's home in Kearneysville when the fire broke out. He got word of the fire later that morning, when someone entered the special education class he was teaching at Herndon High School in Virginia and told him that they were there to take over the rest of his classes for the day.

"He had no clue," his girlfriend, Maureen Harrigan, said with tears in her eyes.

Peterson had spent nearly 25 years working to restore the historic property, which was surveyed by George Washington. The house was built between 1750 and 1756, the couple said, adding that it once served as a ferry house.

The structure stood along the edge of the Shenandoah River, and was near one of several crossing points along the waterway. Peterson said pulleys had been used to move items from one side of the river to the other.

"It was one of the last ferry houses," Harrigan said.

But despite the couple's losses - which included all of Peterson's family photos and the rest of his home's contents - the two tried to remain positive and focus on the things that they still had, like each other.

Just the day before, Harrigan said, Peterson had been talking about the fact that the future is uncertain, and that no one knows what lies ahead for them. He told her that things don't matter as much as the people you have in your life.

"You never know why things happen," Harrigan said as she reflected on these words in the wake of the fire. "All we have is time and each other."

Peterson agreed.

"It just makes you appreciate the life that you have," he said, adding that he was grateful to all of those who had helped put out the fire.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Primitive Canvas Banners

I just listed some gorgeous canvas banners this evening. The pictures simply do not do them justice and I don't have a stock photo to use. There are everyday banners and Christmas banners. The colors are rich and they are very primitive... I have them marked at almost wholesale price, so get them while they are in stock now...

More Fabric Strips

I received an email from a regular, kind customer that wanted more burgundy fabric strips, so the pumpkins are sitting for awhile until I can restock my fabric strips. I have been stripping the fabric while watching Geraldo on Fox, in Galveston. I have also listed some blue and tan gingham fabric strips. Please check out my eBay store when you get a chance... I have some great bargains in there and am stocking new items everyday. *sending prayers to those in TX and LA*

Burned to the Ground... Keyes Ferry House

I woke up this morning to a text message from my dh telling me of a fire to the right of our bus stop. When the girls and I walked out of our house this morning heading for the garage, we could smell the stench of smoldering fire. As we arrived at the bus stop, we coud see the lights from the firetrucks and tankers. We live on the mountain and do not have fire hydrants. We have tanker trucks that travel to a local pond and to the Shenandoah River to fill up and then drive to the fire location. I asked someone walking by which house had burned and she told me that their lane was blocked with firetrucks from the surrounding Loudoun County area as well as our own volunteer firefighters. We saw several tankers drive back and forth in front of us. Any house burned is a sad event, but this particular house was the Keyes Ferry House, where they used to run a ferry boat from this side of the river where the house is located, across the river to the mill, taking many to work each day. Teachers own the house and had recently moved to MD, leaving their son in the house. I am *sending prayers* to the family and pray their son was not in the house at the time of the fire. The house burned to the ground, leaving only the chimney. Thank you to all of the firefighters for responding to the call.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Folk Art Dolls

I have 5 dolls waiting in the wings for their clothes and candle bags to be made. I purchased my candles from Suzanne, beenblossoms and they smell wonderful! I finished one and she sold with the buyer leaving feedback stating that she loved her doll. They are easy to make for me, easy being the operative word, and they have the nostalgic, primitive look that people love. Watch my listings and my blog to see when I finish the next folk art doll...

Raggedy Dolls ~ Raggedy Days

Raggedy Ann dolls are so nostalgic, aren't they? I made these three dolls a few months ago from a pattern by Sweet Meadow Farms. They have since sold, but I am thinking about pulling out my Raggedy Ann patterns and doing a few simple ones after the pumpkin season slows down.

One More Camping Trip?

Not sure that we will be able to get just ONE more camping trip in... The nights sure are cool here and it truly isn't fun camping when it is cold outside. We were able to go on four trips this summer. We enjoyed going to Pittsburgh to see the awesome fireworks in downtown Pittsburgh... Hershey Park, PA, as is one of our yearly trips, Ocean City, MD, which was such a pleasure excluding driving in "suicide lane" on the Bay Bridge with a camper behind us... and our last camping trip was a simple relaxing trip along the Conococheague Creek. On Labor Day weekend, we did squeeze in a night in the camper parked on the side of the driveway :) We shall see and I will keep you informed! xox

'Til Death Season Premiere

Hubby and I loved to watch 'Til Death last season, however, I think I will refrain from any future episodes if their first episode was any indication of the rest to come. Joy is going through a mid life crises with her sagging breasts and throws herself at two police officers to try to get out of tickets... the first one not intended and the second one intended with a new bra, assuring herself she could get out of that one. What a waste of 1/2 hour of my life... such a disappointment...

Hurrican Ike... Yikes!

Landfall is forecast early on Saturday between Freeport and Galveston, Texas, which puts Houston and surrounding Harris County on the dangerous east side of the storm. The cloud shield from Hurricane Ike took up nearly half of the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, but as of the late afternoon hours remained at Category 2 strength, with sustained winds of 100 mph. With hurricane force winds extending 115 miles from the center and tropical storm force winds out to 225 miles, conditions along the Gulf Coast will deteriorate long before landfall late on Friday.

Exercising With a Stability Ball

Have you heard about them? I finally bought one a few weeks ago and I love to work out with it... I bought the dvd/ball combo and have used it a couple of times and just need to get into a routine of using it more often. It is supposed to help trim your middle area and tighten things up a tad :) It is an easy workout, but you will use muscles that you don't normally use. Here is a link to one from eBay

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remember 9/11

I remember the day as if it was yesterday. I was at work and my girls were in school. We had just settled in with our hot coffee in our favorite mugs at the office I worked in located in Reston, Virginia. Another employee came in to tell us that the twin towers had collapsed and thousands were injured and or believed to be dead. We looked at each other and felt our hearts sink... we were stunned, hurt and confused. A plane had hit the twin towers? Had the pilot fallen asleep?? Problems with the air traffic controllers??

When we reached the lunch room television, we watched in amazement what was unfolding in front of our eyes. It seemed as though we were watching a horrer movie... and the fear of the attacks perhaps happening all around us. My children were an hour away and it felt as though there were days between us. We were told we must stay where we were because they had shut down Dulles Airport and the surrounding area so that they could secure the area. When we were finally able to leave, we hugged each other for the second time that day and could not reach our loved ones fast enough.

I drove with white knuckles all of the way home. The girls and I sat in front of the tv, horrified of what we saw and the feelings and heart ache overwhelmed us... We held each other in comfort and prayed for those who did not walk out.

Later, the stories began coming out of the courageous actions and help of others... of the employee that had a dental appointment earlier that day and didn't go in... of the employees who called in sick that day... and the many others that were blessed with reasons for not walking into those buildings that were attacked that day. It was simply not their time.

Today, please say a prayer for those who lost their lives and for their families and friends. Remember that those that attacked have no remorse and will attack again if given the chance. We must stay strong, united and remember 911.

EwE and I LoVe PriMitIVes ~

Sheep bowl fillers are one of my favorite things to make. They are so basic and simple... very primitive. I cut them out of muslin, stain them, paint their tips and ears and while they are wet from stain, I rub cinnamon on them. Sometimes I add vintage quilt pieces to them and other times a simple hang tag or a rusty bell attached by a rusty safety pin... I usually have these listed, and if you do not see any in my eBay store, please let me know and I will be happy to make a set for ewe.

The Last of My Longaberger Items

I have been collecting Longaberger since 1989, which I call the "Days With Dave". Back then, everything was made in the USA that Longaberger sold. Today, everything with the exception of a few regular line pottery pieces and baskets are outsourced. Thankfully, I have collected over 300 baskets while everything was made in the USA and I love looking at them and I appreciate them. I acquired many of them by being a consultant. I used much of my earnings and hostess benefits to achieve my collection. I have one last tote and checkbook left in my store. Now, everyone has the ability to purchase from The Homestead via online and it has hurt Longaberger's consultants' sales and price and demand rule has proven obvious. Hence, I have stopped purchasing Longaberger, unless I can find a wonderful deal on a few items here on eBay.

Blooms of the End of Summer

Well, not much left to bloom in my yard before the frost comes. I pulled up some of my annuals that I have neglected and are going to die when the frost hits them anyway. I also trimmed back more of my black eyed susans... The picture is my lariope. I love it. I have planted it on many edges of my various gardens and love it around my trees. I think I will purchase a few small yellow mums for my porch to enjoy for a couple of months before it's time to build a snowman. Speaking of snowmen, you can check out my Christmas Winter Items in my store for my latest listings including a wide variety of snowmen...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Folk Art Dolls...

Listing a couple of folk art dolls for my friend today... Other than that, just got back from the DMV. Can you believe I walked in, sat down and my number was called? I didn't even have time to fill out the forms. I got my new registration for 2 years, so that is one less thing to do next year :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

One Set of Pumpkins Left UNTIL....

This is my last set of gingham pumpkins until I can sit back down at my sewing machine and make more. I have a little fabric left in this pretty gingham orange and white, so will use it up this fall... I don't know about you, but I have been cleaning out closets and bedrooms. With 5 in the family, we sure do accumulate ALOT of toys and momentos... you know, the things you can't bare to part with like the spelling papers with stars and hundreds on them... and the coloring book pictures plastered on the frig... forgotten dolls and stuffed animals in the bottom of toy boxes... That would be us! So, I've asked the Grandparents nicely to give clothes or cash for their piggy banks for Christmas. They thought that was a great idea, and the girls are happy about it, too... The girls made them nice gifts for Grandparents Day. Enjoy your day all and be blessed AND remember to do ONE thing to make yourself HAPPY today :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Ike

At this time, hurricane Ike is approaching Cuba and they are still watching to see if the Florida Keys should evacuate soon, depending on of course, its path. It looks like they are predicting it will be going in the same path that Gustav just took and are predicting a cat 2 or 3 storm before hitting the states along the Gulf of Mexico. *sending prayers to those in his path and to those who have already dealt with Ike's deadly damage*

My Doll...

My sweet Melody didn't sell... After purchasing the pattern, the fabric and the time it took for me to create, I would be fibbing if I said it didn't bother me... This is why I make bowl fillers. LOL!!! I love making them and my buyers love them as well... I guess they were my calling. I may unlist Mallory, as she is on eBay and Etsy now. I dropped her price to 39.99, but am leaning towards keeping her for myself. The heart she is holding is so dear... Thank you to my friends for always giving me encouragement to try new things and for your gracious compliments on her... xox

Gingham Pumpkins - - -

Gingham pumpkins?? Yes and they are cute and selling like hotcakes! They were created due to lack of orange fabric that I had been using for the other pumpkins that I make. I live on a mountain and going to town feels like a half of a day trip for us, not to mention the fact that we have no fabric stores within 45 minutes from us and even WalMart has stopped selling fabric... Regardless, lucky for me I was out of orange at the time, otherwise, I would not have used this adorable white and orange gingham material. They are dear and sell just as well, if not better than my solid orange pumpkins. Find all of my latest listed items in my eBay store. The link is to the right...

Need An Uplift in the Bedroom?

A new quilt, ruffle and shams with a little bit of paint and you have a complete makeover in your bedroom - Grab your paint and paint brush before it gets too cold to open up your windows to allow the paint smell to exit your room. Dare to try a nice, darker color other than white or beige. You will be surprised how cozy a darker color will make your room. It's always wise to purchase your bed ensemble first so you can take a sham to the store with you to match your paint easily. Please be sure to check out my eBay store, as I am still stocking my website, to view our wonderful quilt selection. Happy decorating!


Friends are there for you... no matter what... Friends make you smile when you are sad and when they are sad, you make them smile... Sharing, caring and understanding another human being and accepting them as they are and for whom they are is being a friend. A friend does not use, abuse or mistreat a friend... They accept them as they are and when they disagree, they agree to disagree. Friends don't drain their friends emotionally, as an emotional vampire does... Give alot, accept a little in return. That is a friend. Snoopy and Charlie Brown??? Friends for life...
I hope her friend comes along soon... LOL!!!!! :)

Where is the Flag??

Where is the flag?? I'm confused.......... Oh, but the anthem is playing so the flag must be somewhere... Where is my heart?? Good grief. Thank Goodness Hillary could find it... too bad Hillary lost ~ she would have been a tempting vote...

eBay Fall Templates For Sale

Click on my eBay link to the right to see over 100 of my templates that are for eBay auctions... Easy to use and a great price! I will assist you if you have never used a template before. Using eBay auction templates saves you money on picture fees, makes your listings look professional, and you may personalize your template with specific information on your shipping and payment information. If you purchase from me and you saw it here on my blog, I will give you a free one with the purchase of 2 templates. Thank you stopping by and I hope you will shop with me on eBay!

Ice Road Truckers Season Finale

We have really enjoyed watching Ice Road Truckers. Tonight is the season finale. I cannot believe the heavy loaded trucks they drive across the water. It is wonderful to see that they have found natural gas there... ANYTHING to help our economy and fuel prices...

Gorgeous Day Today ~

It is a GORGEOUS day outside today! I've already been out opening up the camper and enjoying a cup of tea in it. The sun is shining and everything looks so fresh and green after our rain from hurricane Hannah yesterday... I have a couple of flower beds to work on and I will need to mow later. I have a new Cub Cadet mower and even though it took awhile to get used to, I enjoy mowing with it now. I have my old John Deere for sale, but it looks like it will stay in my garage, as no one has purchased it yet. I have it listed on eBay and in the local Buyer's Guide paper. Enjoy your day all and be blessed!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Hang Tags - - -

Hang tags... primitive, stained, large with homespun ties...

I have all different types of hang tags available in my eBay store, Etsy and my website Links to these are on the left...

Another set of stars.....

Every set of folk stars with quilted tops that I make is slightly different from the last - OOAK - This is my latest set I will be listing within a few minutes on eBay. Click on my links to the right to view these and my other items.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pumpkin bowl fillers ~ so cute and just in time for fall! I can't believe the walnuts and acorns are already starting to fall... the humidity is leaving and cooler, crisp air is coming in. The girls are enjoying school, but also sorry to see summer go... Click on my links to purchase a few cute pumpkins. I also do wholesale as well xox

I Got An Award :)

Thank you Sue!

I will pass it on to:
Nanny Goat Primitives
Birch Berry Farms
The Holly Tree Blog
Back Porch Pickens
Little Sisters Dolls