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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Ike

At this time, hurricane Ike is approaching Cuba and they are still watching to see if the Florida Keys should evacuate soon, depending on of course, its path. It looks like they are predicting it will be going in the same path that Gustav just took and are predicting a cat 2 or 3 storm before hitting the states along the Gulf of Mexico. *sending prayers to those in his path and to those who have already dealt with Ike's deadly damage*

My Doll...

My sweet Melody didn't sell... After purchasing the pattern, the fabric and the time it took for me to create, I would be fibbing if I said it didn't bother me... This is why I make bowl fillers. LOL!!! I love making them and my buyers love them as well... I guess they were my calling. I may unlist Mallory, as she is on eBay and Etsy now. I dropped her price to 39.99, but am leaning towards keeping her for myself. The heart she is holding is so dear... Thank you to my friends for always giving me encouragement to try new things and for your gracious compliments on her... xox

Gingham Pumpkins - - -

Gingham pumpkins?? Yes and they are cute and selling like hotcakes! They were created due to lack of orange fabric that I had been using for the other pumpkins that I make. I live on a mountain and going to town feels like a half of a day trip for us, not to mention the fact that we have no fabric stores within 45 minutes from us and even WalMart has stopped selling fabric... Regardless, lucky for me I was out of orange at the time, otherwise, I would not have used this adorable white and orange gingham material. They are dear and sell just as well, if not better than my solid orange pumpkins. Find all of my latest listed items in my eBay store. The link is to the right...

Need An Uplift in the Bedroom?

A new quilt, ruffle and shams with a little bit of paint and you have a complete makeover in your bedroom - Grab your paint and paint brush before it gets too cold to open up your windows to allow the paint smell to exit your room. Dare to try a nice, darker color other than white or beige. You will be surprised how cozy a darker color will make your room. It's always wise to purchase your bed ensemble first so you can take a sham to the store with you to match your paint easily. Please be sure to check out my eBay store, as I am still stocking my website, to view our wonderful quilt selection. Happy decorating!


Friends are there for you... no matter what... Friends make you smile when you are sad and when they are sad, you make them smile... Sharing, caring and understanding another human being and accepting them as they are and for whom they are is being a friend. A friend does not use, abuse or mistreat a friend... They accept them as they are and when they disagree, they agree to disagree. Friends don't drain their friends emotionally, as an emotional vampire does... Give alot, accept a little in return. That is a friend. Snoopy and Charlie Brown??? Friends for life...
I hope her friend comes along soon... LOL!!!!! :)

Where is the Flag??

Where is the flag?? I'm confused.......... Oh, but the anthem is playing so the flag must be somewhere... Where is my heart?? Good grief. Thank Goodness Hillary could find it... too bad Hillary lost ~ she would have been a tempting vote...

eBay Fall Templates For Sale

Click on my eBay link to the right to see over 100 of my templates that are for eBay auctions... Easy to use and a great price! I will assist you if you have never used a template before. Using eBay auction templates saves you money on picture fees, makes your listings look professional, and you may personalize your template with specific information on your shipping and payment information. If you purchase from me and you saw it here on my blog, I will give you a free one with the purchase of 2 templates. Thank you stopping by and I hope you will shop with me on eBay!

Ice Road Truckers Season Finale

We have really enjoyed watching Ice Road Truckers. Tonight is the season finale. I cannot believe the heavy loaded trucks they drive across the water. It is wonderful to see that they have found natural gas there... ANYTHING to help our economy and fuel prices...

Gorgeous Day Today ~

It is a GORGEOUS day outside today! I've already been out opening up the camper and enjoying a cup of tea in it. The sun is shining and everything looks so fresh and green after our rain from hurricane Hannah yesterday... I have a couple of flower beds to work on and I will need to mow later. I have a new Cub Cadet mower and even though it took awhile to get used to, I enjoy mowing with it now. I have my old John Deere for sale, but it looks like it will stay in my garage, as no one has purchased it yet. I have it listed on eBay and in the local Buyer's Guide paper. Enjoy your day all and be blessed!