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Friday, March 20, 2009

Pellet Stove Installation Update

The pellet stove was delivered and they were kind enough to carry it in for me and placed it on a blanket. It came with the brass trim, so I was excited as I do not want to pay 99.00 plus shipping for the "pretty accessory". The silver item next to it is the outside air vent package that should be installed if your home is air tight. It is simply an air source to assist with the draft.

This is the hearth pad that came... The packaging was excellent. It was packaged in 2x4s with plywood on either side and foam insulation sprayed on the inside as well. This is not the correct pad. This parcel weighed 102 lbs and was expensive to ship from Colorado. If you will notice, the edges of the pad are cut off at an angle and this pad is for a wall, not a corner spot. The pad for a corner is 1/4 circle. The company called me and informed me that they are aware of their mistake and they found the ORIGINAL choice that I first purchased, in great condition. They had several listed, so I am glad they found one tucked away, as it has color in it and is not so bland. I received an email later that stated I could keep the pad shipped in error. I am not sure if I will try to sell it locally, or put it at my gate to the back yard :)

I have decided to spray paint the installation kit flat black to match the stove. Because the install kit hole in the back of the stove is low, I am certain it will be in direct line with the electrical wiring for my outlets. By installing the pipes inside, this will avoid the wire, although it will be less attractive...

I will keep you posted on what happens next :)

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