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Monday, November 17, 2008

Raggedy Monday ~

No jumpin' back in bed for me today... I had so much to do I couldn't take a snooze this morning. I had to lug the broken piece of equipment out onto the side porch alone, as I received an automated call from UPS telling me they could be by at anytime to pick it up and I only had 3 chances to have it picked up. I managed to turn it and twist it enough to get just a tad more duct tape around it and I put the whole 79 lbs of it on the side porch.

It started out a gorgeous, sunny day. As the afternoon rolled in, so did the clouds and rain. The UPS man had not arrived yet, so I had to go out there and lift the box up and prop it on my bench to protect it from the rain. Fortunately for the poor UPS guy, I remembered to confine Bear right before he pulled into the driveway. :)

I sold quite a bit on eBay this weekend, fortunately, so I had several packages packed and ready to go for the mailman today. I even slipped a few bills out the door, too.

I have jerky to make with the tenderloin. I am going to use my old standby recipe on this batch and will post it shortly in case someone would like to try it. We are going to grind the other meat up and use a jerky gun to make the strips for the rest of the meat. Everyone loves the jerky and it is very healthy for you.

I sure do miss the group at times... I think the group gave me much inspiration to spend more time at the sewing machine. I hardly have anything crafted to list, and have so many things I want to make. It's almost rediculous to think I can fit all that I have to do into a day.

I posted a pic of one of my first Raggedy Ann dolls. I used to enjoy making them, but I can make bowl fillers faster and I don't get as bored making them as I do making bowl fillers.