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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spring Time On Grandma's Hutch

These are so fun for me to make and I can't wait to make more with different fabrics. These handmade primitive tulips are on my website at They are currently sitting on my Grandma's Hoosier in my dining room and look so pretty... like a breath of Spring inside while the snow is still our view outside :) I hope that you have a little touch of Spring in your home to help with the winter blues...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow and Ice Have Paralyzed Us...

The snow and ice that we received and are in the process of getting is a mess. We have about an inch of sleet on top of the snow and we aren't going anywhere tomorrow. There is no school here again tomorrow. I am glad... better safe than sorry.

Looking For A New Look?

Victorian Heart quilts and bedding are absolutely gorgoues! We offer many styles including Americana, log cabin pattern, 9 patch, postage stamp and many other varities in warm colors as well as shabby designs. Stop by my website at to find everything you need to make your bedroom and primitive paradise.

I have been working on my website and wanted to let you know that most of the merchandise can be found on my website that is in my eBay store, with the exception of auction templates. I have included shipping in the prices in my store and the prices are less than what I offer them on eBay, as I can do this by subtracting the eBay fees. I'll be transferring more merchandise as time allows, so if you see something that you would like and need an accessory, let me know and I will skip to it and put it in my store. I have handmade primitives, Americana items, and quilts and quilt accessories.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spring Time and Easter Goods

These primitive flat egg tucks are so cute and great to display. Great bowl fillers... Shoppers are already looking at spring items and purchasing them to stock in their own stores or to get the items before they sell. You know ~ the early bird gets the worm :) It's been cold here for the past couple of days, but only one more month of COLD weather and spring will be here.

The daffodils will be popping up all over and the forsythia will be blooming... the robins will be pulling worms out of the soft ground. ahhhh I can't wait ~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Thoughts

This was my favorite moment of the Inauguration. I watched much of the events... I really enjoy watching body language and facial expressions and the moment that touched me the most, was "the hug". It looks like Bush is hugging a son that he is proud of going off to college. I feel that the first time President Obama was briefed by Bush that he had a very big "uh oh" moment. At that point I think he realized all of the things that Bush had done was simply because he "had" to. As what is surfacing now, President Obama cannot make the promises he campaigned to do because his hands are tied, due to all that encircles him. The one thing that I have always loved about President Obama surfaced yesterday (I voted for McCain and volunteered many hours on his campaign) was the eloquence in which he delivered his speech. He is an excellent orator and his voice and delivery alone can mesmerize even the biggest Republican fan. Let us hope with God's touch, President Obama can pull the country out of its economic woes and put us on the path of energy independence. God bless us all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Valentine Heart Bowl Fillers

We've been crafting most of the day today and finished up several sets of these to list on eBay and of course, if I have time, Etsy. These heart bowl fillers turned out so cute! I love plaid and gingham ANYTHING. Thank you for stopping by my blog and if you get a chance, please visit my eBay store to see all that we have to offer.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quilted Throws to Cuddle Under These Cold Winter Months

This GORGEOUS Tea Cabin throw amongst other beautiful primitive throws and Americana throws are available now in my eBay store. Don't you love to throw a nice quilt over your legs while curled up on the couch or your favorite chair reading a great book or watching your favorite tv show? Winter is definitely upon us and I hope you give yourself a treat and purchase a nice warm throw for yourself :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

USPS Carrier Pickup

Have you ever used USPS Carrier Pickup? I absolutely love it! We live in a rural area and to go to the post office feels like it takes 1/2 day to get there. I use carrier pickup all of the time. You have until 2:00 am to request it the night before and if you live 100 yards or so (you'll have to confirm the exact distance with USPS) from your mailbox, your carrier is required to leave your parcels on your door step and pick up your parcels using the pick up option.

We lived here for years before I knew that our mailman should be delivering our packages. He used to leave them with my friend that lived on the corner by the mailboxes, or we would receive a slip of paper in the mail telling us we had a parcel to pick up at the post office.

One day I received a form to fill out so they could see how happy we were with the service. I expressed my feelings about the drive to the post office and how it was nice that our neighbor accepted the parcels for the neighborhood. It was at that time that I was told I lived within the distance that the mailman should have been delivering our packages all along.

Give it a try and if you are living in a rural area and have been receiving notifications to pick up your parcel, you may want to inquire with the postmaster or call to see if you are within the distance to receive that service.

Winter and Cardinals

We have so many poplar trees here on the mountain and the birds are blessed with their seeds through the winter. The cardinals love them. We watch them through the window take a single poplar seed and run it through their beaks to get to the seed in the end. The other day, we were looking outside and there were several cardinals perched in the top part of our Bradford Pear tree outside the front window. It's nice to see that out of all the spaces on the mountain, they chose our tree right outside our window to rest so we could admire them and watch them. We are blessed!

Valentine Heart Bowl Fillers ~ Pink

I listed another set of these pretty pink and white polka dotted hearts that I handstitched vintage cutter quilt pieces on today on eBay. I haven't listed them on Etsy yet, and not sure if I'll have time. I attached a small hang tag that is hand stamped with small hearts and added a rusty key to it. You will receive the exact set shown. I hope you like my pretty heart bowl fillers as much as I do. Click on my eBay link to the right to purchase them. Thank you for peeking :)

Valentine Heart Make Do

I finished this pretty shabby style make do today and listed it on eBay. I used vintage cutter quilt pieces and stitched it onto an antique rusty spring. The rusty key and stained hang tag make it look a bit more primitive. I love the pretty pocket on the front and tucked a bit of Sweet Annie inside it. Thank you for stopping by and to see the whole make do, click on my eBay link to the right. Eventually, it may make it to my Etsy shop, but who knows :) xox

Friday, January 9, 2009

Got Sleep?

Did you ever start a project and wanted to finish it up and be done with it? Well, that was me last night. I started out listing throws, which I never did, and decided to change my eBay storefront graphics. I had about 24 buttons to do and the whole process took me over 2 hours. I was up until 3AM! I am so tired and thinking about a nap, however, have so much other stuff to do I don't know if I'll have the time. Regardless, I love my new look and now have 3 different store designs to use and switch around when I have the urge. Click on my eBay link on the right and check it out :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something About Mary ~

Very busy day today... sun was shining, but it was definitely kite flying weather here on the mountain. We ran a few errands and now winding down the day. We are watching Something About Mary. It is so funny and we laugh as if we are watching it for the first time every time we watch it :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Valentine Heart Bowl Fillers

I look forward to each upcoming holiday to make different things and offer a variety to my customers. I am working on more hearts and an arrow like the ones to the right of my blog and I made these purple calico hearts with a little material that I had left and they turned out very pretty. I normally make more primitive, stained muslin type of bowl fillers, however, I also like to make shabby items too, especially during the Valentine's Day selling season.

I really love these... They are made with pink material with tiny white dots and I have handstitched vintage quilt hearts onto them with floss. I have not stained them because I really love the colors as they are and am hoping others will like them as well.

I have both sets of these listed on eBay. One set of purple hearts has a bid on them, but I have two other sets in my store. Of course, I will be moving one set to auction when the one on auction ends in a couple of hours. Click on the right side of my blog to shop in my eBay store or in my Etsy store. My purple hearts are listed on Etsy as well and I will be listing a pink set on there, time permitting.

Enjoy and be blessed ~

Beautiful Winter View

Every season, there is a gorgeous view here on our spot on the mountain. During the winter time, even though the branches are bare and the grass is not so green and the camper is covered up in hibernation, there is always beauty around us. I will try to catch a picture of the sunset that we enjoy in the front of the house to post. I love to look at the pretty warm colors behind the bare trees.

Everything is settling back to normal here. Our time together for Christmas break was really nice. Yesterday, school was closed here due to freezing rain, but it is warmer today and school is on time.

When Christmas break is over, I start to look forward to Spring. Even though I know we have a few more months of cold weather, it feels within reach. Pretty soon the daffodils will be poking up through the mulch and the robins will be pulling worms out of the ground. We are blessed to live in an area that we have four seasons to enjoy and appreciate what each has to offer.