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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Apple Tree, Birds and SNAKE!

It started out as a normal day, what "normal" is for us anyway... My daughter was out brushing our dog in the shade of the apple tree out back. I walked out to enjoy some fresh air and to watch her and noticed a black snake in the tree. The robins were chirping and flying frantically around, but she had assumed it was because she was near the nest... She had taken pics of the little birds a couple of days prior to yesterday. Upon seeing the slithering snake, I immediately did what any other red neck gal in WV would do and I ran to get my favorite bb gun. I preferred the 9 mm, however, didn't want to waste a bullet on the black snake. LOL!! After shooting it several times, it was annoyed enough to creep out onto the outer limb and drop 6 feet out of the tree. By the time we got the shovel, it had slithered into the hydrangea bush and out of sight. I tried hitting it with the fat bat, but the plastic bat was just enough to tick him off and make him want to crawl away faster. About 1/2 hour later, the dog dropped his favorite hamburger toy and ran to the garage. He found the snake and I took the shovel and tried to pull him out from under the azaleas. It chose to wrap itself around the shovel and I in turn acted like the girl that I am and screamed, dropping the shovel. After gathering my wits and courage, I picked up the shovel and he let go. I pinned him to the ground while my daughter got another shovel and sawed its head off... Now, I have heard that black snakes keep away copperheads, but I have seen too many copperheads to believe it. I hope I have not offended any black snake lovers out there, but with a little one running around chasing bubbles and the other family members running in and out of the house, I prefer not to have any snakes lying round to be accidentally stepped on... 3 days after surgery and I am fighting a snake. Is it time to go camping yet?? The worst part about it is we sit and watch the mommy robin come to the nest with a worm, only to leave the nest with the worm still in her mouth...