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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Work ~ Flower Pictures

Iris, azaleas and annuals... this spring is going by so quickly! I feel behind in my edging and yard work, but I guess if I refuse to work in the rain, then I have limited time doing yard work... I'd much prefer to play in the rain than work in it... The dirt is simply too heavy and clumpy and doesn't cooperate when too wet :)

I love my little sidekick helping me in the yard... She tried to move a bag of mulch for me, but found out quickly that it wasn't possible. A special friend of mine once told me that children step on your toes when they are young and step on your heart when they get older... I hope my heart doesn't get stepped on too much by them :) So far, so good!!

Enjoy the pictures and happy gardening!! xox