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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday ~ The Weekend Is Here!

Paige is now officially five :) I love this pic because it shows her little feet ~ Just wanted to share with you so she could make you smile :)

Friday already... eBay is so slow for me that I have been doing other projects around the house and last weekend, which feels like it was only yesterday, we rented a UHaul and picked up wood and unloaded it... all in one day... Needless to say I was a bit tired the next day and was sooo glad to get the last piece off of the truck and jump into the shower... I am guessing we have an additional 3 cords now, but it needs to be split... another time ~ another day...

We have yet to uncover the camper. I can't wait to get it uncovered so I can sneak off for a quiet nap ~ I love sleeping outside...

The red raspberry patch is already sprouting. I pruned the back side of them so the mower would fit behind them. Paige and I love running outside to see how many berries have ripened since the day before :) We sometimes eat them sun warmed, right off the vine, but don't tell ~

Last fall, I removed all of my iris from the side of the garage and planted grass seed. There's nothing like the feel of new green grass under your feet... It's so bright and fresh! I planted a Kwanzan cherry next to the garage years ago and it has now cast a shadow on the iris bed and they didn't flourish there any longer.

Thanks for stopping in and I'll update you on the hearth pad and pellet stove installation as soon as I get pics taken :)