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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pretty Hearts For Throughout the Year

I love hearts! I made alot of them for Valetine's Day and am still working on some that I didn't have time to finish. Gingham is so pretty and this material is perfect for hearts and bowl fillers. I love the touch of cheesecloth and sweet annie on these... so prim! These can be found on my website at, in my Etsy shop and my eBay store at some point this afternoon :) Thanks for popping in and I hope you have a touch of spring in your life today!

Stained and Rubbed now...

As I sit here and look outside, the wind is howling and the snow/ice is falling and blowing in all directions. I must go out and check my parcels on the porch that are awaiting carrier pickup. I took a picture of the tulips grunged. I didn't grunge heavily, but just enough for that prim touch :)

I am going to go start the woodstove now. The temperature was 40 this morning at 6:30 at the bus stop and now they are much cooler, especially with the wind blowing...