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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Weekend Is Over

It's always sad when the family is home for the holidays and then Monday rolls around... back to normal, back to work... back to school. We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend that I would love for it to never end. But, we know that time does not stand still.

I wanted to share our nativity set with you before I headed off to bed. I have had it for many years. It is from Home Interiors. I have it on Grandma's hutch in the dining room.

I used to put it in the living room, but when the kiddos were little, I noticed there were a couple of fingers missing here and there. I was sad that they were broken off, but decided maybe it was my fault for not explaining ENOUGH that this was definitely a look at piece and not a pick me up and carry me around piece.

I've had it in the closet for years because I simply didn't want it damaged, however, being in the closet in the box is no place for enjoyment, so I explained to our youngest once more what this setting was and why it was so important not to play with it and carry parts of it around. There are a few items that are not attached. I had thought about hot gluing some of the items to the manger and may do so before I put it away after the holidays. I love looking at it and it is a reminder to us all why we celebrate Christmas.