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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Day in Paradise...

ROFL!! Well, this evening didn't turn out quite the way we planned, but if I had any thoughts left of driving a school bus at some point in my life, those aspirations went right out the window ~ I actually ran into our camper bumper with the riding mower and busted my rear tire. The John Deere dealership wants 35.00 to replace the tire and there is no place in our town that sells tractor tires, so hubby will stop by and pick one up for us tomorrow. If that wasn't enough, something is oozing out of our old Jimmy. It's antifreeze (the pet safe kind THANKFULLY) and hoping it is simply a hose, but we won't know for sure until we get it checked out. Other than that, life is good and today was a super day!! We are supposed to get rain here tonight through the weekend and I am glad we got the yard mowed. Hubby had to push mow the back, but he jumped right to it and didn't seem to mind. I think he likes it when I make big boo boos to make him feel that his are so minor ROFL!!!!! Anyway, my eyeballs are tired and I am going to get ready for bed... I hope you all had another day in paradise as well :)