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Saturday, March 21, 2009

YouTube vs WMG Warner Music Group

I was looking at my blog and clicked on my WV video to watch it and it has been removed due to copyright issues. Although the pictures were mine, the song by John Denver, Country Roads is supposedly under a WMG... please click on this link and this funny guy will explain what is going on... Please be advised he uses foul language at times, but the point is expressed as to what is going on with

Happy Saturday ~

I went outside to play with the dog for awhile and it is so cold... It got down into the 20s here last night. I think Bear likes this weather though because he still has his nice, thick winter coat and hasn't started shedding it yet. The forsythias are blooming out and everyday, more and more daffodils are blooming :)

I love the revamp did on their website. I was finally able to get my password from them and change a few songs on my playlist. I love listening to the music while working on the computer.

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying your weekend xox