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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Flu Season??

I didn't get a flu shot this past fall, nor do I intend on getting one. I decided to get a flu shot years ago and that is the only year of my life that I got the flu and actually dehydrated within a day. I think the flu bug is going around now. I know many people who have some type of cold/sinus issue or flu symptoms... Luckily, it's not lasting very long. We drink alot of green tea and plenty of water. Vitamins with added Vitamin C and orange juice in the fridge certainly helps. Campbell's chicken noodle soup another necessity during flu season... ahhh the old standby... used to be only sodium filled, but now we can purchase the low sodium cans of it, great if you suffer from high blood pressure, however, be careful, because it is still loaded with sodium, just not as much as the "regular" chicken noodle soup. Keep some tissues nearby and a good book... "this, too shall pass" :)