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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Bay Bridge...

As many of you know, we went to Ocean City this summer as one of our planned camping trips. We had a great time, however, to get to there from here, we must travel across the Bay Bridge. Now, not only did we have to cross the Bay Bridge to get to the beach, they diverted us onto the oncoming traffic bridge, what many natives there call, "suicide lane". OMGOSH! I was BESIDE myself! I have always had a fear of bridges... even as a child, I would NOT ride across a bridge, especially the old wooden plank ones, on my bicycle without my dad getting absolutely FURIOUS with me and much coaxing from my mom.

There's something about being "suspended" above water and I prefer to be on solid ground... Yes, that is right, NO CRUISES for me either... Titanic did me in for sure... If I wasn't fearful of being on water enough, Titanic finished any inkling I may have had in my head to enjoy a nice cruise with my dh. Regardless, here are a few shots that I took to keep my mind occupied while travelling over the 7 mile bridge. These were taken on our way home...

No More Relisting This Baby...

This is the third time on auction for my old John Deere. I also have it in the local Buyers Guide. I will not be relisting it. I always have a fair amount of watchers on it and I get a few questions, but not one bid. I did get an offer of 150.00 when I first listed it and STUPIDLY declined the man's offer. The tires are worth more than the 99.00 bid I started it at. Anyway, wish me luck on selling it.... If it doesn't sell, I'm giving it to my neighbor. The link to it on eBay is

Pretty in Pink and Purple

It always happens... at the end of the summer, the annuals kick in and really begin to look gorgeous! After struggling in a cold spring and then settling into a hot summer, they finally take off when the weather cools and the dewy mornings come more frequently. If your petunias get too leggy, you can always pinch them off and they will fill out and bloom for you. I prefer petunias in pots, but have done them along my sidewalk and they do well there, too. Enjoy your annuals, as the frost will be here soon!

My Lonely Stella...

As the days begin to get shorter and the leaves start to fall, there are a few perennials that burst open in bloom, their "second breath" of summer before fall settles in... Stella D'Oros are one of my favorites and they give me a second breath at the close of every summer. If you haven't purchased any Stellas for your gardens yet, please do yourself a favor and do it! These give so much pleasure with very little maintenance. Enjoy... before too long, I'll be posting pics of ice on the brances of our trees :)

Fall Pumpkin Pattern

Isn't this cute? If you would like to make a pumpkin like this for yourself, you can purchase Deanna's easy fall pumpkin pattern by clicking on her Nanny Goat Primitives link to the right in my links list. Deanna is a dear friend who lives in the beautiful state of Colorado, near Denver. Is it snowing there yet Deanna? LOL!! I'm sure it will be before long... Beautiful pumpkin Deanna... keep up the primitively perfect work!

Doesn't this pie look DELICIOUS?

Doesn't this delicious looking apple pie make your mouth water? Well, sorry, but you can't eat this one. It is a primitive handmade creation by Sue aka Oodlekadoodle Primitives. Sue is a very dear friend and lives out in Minnesota where it is already getting COLDER by the day... If you would like to purchase Sue's famous apple pie pattern, please visit her store at Her link is also to the right in my links list. Fall is the time for "baking" creations ladies, so get her pattern while it is still available ~