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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remember 9/11

I remember the day as if it was yesterday. I was at work and my girls were in school. We had just settled in with our hot coffee in our favorite mugs at the office I worked in located in Reston, Virginia. Another employee came in to tell us that the twin towers had collapsed and thousands were injured and or believed to be dead. We looked at each other and felt our hearts sink... we were stunned, hurt and confused. A plane had hit the twin towers? Had the pilot fallen asleep?? Problems with the air traffic controllers??

When we reached the lunch room television, we watched in amazement what was unfolding in front of our eyes. It seemed as though we were watching a horrer movie... and the fear of the attacks perhaps happening all around us. My children were an hour away and it felt as though there were days between us. We were told we must stay where we were because they had shut down Dulles Airport and the surrounding area so that they could secure the area. When we were finally able to leave, we hugged each other for the second time that day and could not reach our loved ones fast enough.

I drove with white knuckles all of the way home. The girls and I sat in front of the tv, horrified of what we saw and the feelings and heart ache overwhelmed us... We held each other in comfort and prayed for those who did not walk out.

Later, the stories began coming out of the courageous actions and help of others... of the employee that had a dental appointment earlier that day and didn't go in... of the employees who called in sick that day... and the many others that were blessed with reasons for not walking into those buildings that were attacked that day. It was simply not their time.

Today, please say a prayer for those who lost their lives and for their families and friends. Remember that those that attacked have no remorse and will attack again if given the chance. We must stay strong, united and remember 911.

EwE and I LoVe PriMitIVes ~

Sheep bowl fillers are one of my favorite things to make. They are so basic and simple... very primitive. I cut them out of muslin, stain them, paint their tips and ears and while they are wet from stain, I rub cinnamon on them. Sometimes I add vintage quilt pieces to them and other times a simple hang tag or a rusty bell attached by a rusty safety pin... I usually have these listed, and if you do not see any in my eBay store, please let me know and I will be happy to make a set for ewe.

The Last of My Longaberger Items

I have been collecting Longaberger since 1989, which I call the "Days With Dave". Back then, everything was made in the USA that Longaberger sold. Today, everything with the exception of a few regular line pottery pieces and baskets are outsourced. Thankfully, I have collected over 300 baskets while everything was made in the USA and I love looking at them and I appreciate them. I acquired many of them by being a consultant. I used much of my earnings and hostess benefits to achieve my collection. I have one last tote and checkbook left in my store. Now, everyone has the ability to purchase from The Homestead via online and it has hurt Longaberger's consultants' sales and price and demand rule has proven obvious. Hence, I have stopped purchasing Longaberger, unless I can find a wonderful deal on a few items here on eBay.

Blooms of the End of Summer

Well, not much left to bloom in my yard before the frost comes. I pulled up some of my annuals that I have neglected and are going to die when the frost hits them anyway. I also trimmed back more of my black eyed susans... The picture is my lariope. I love it. I have planted it on many edges of my various gardens and love it around my trees. I think I will purchase a few small yellow mums for my porch to enjoy for a couple of months before it's time to build a snowman. Speaking of snowmen, you can check out my Christmas Winter Items in my store for my latest listings including a wide variety of snowmen...