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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Last of My Longaberger Items

I have been collecting Longaberger since 1989, which I call the "Days With Dave". Back then, everything was made in the USA that Longaberger sold. Today, everything with the exception of a few regular line pottery pieces and baskets are outsourced. Thankfully, I have collected over 300 baskets while everything was made in the USA and I love looking at them and I appreciate them. I acquired many of them by being a consultant. I used much of my earnings and hostess benefits to achieve my collection. I have one last tote and checkbook left in my store. Now, everyone has the ability to purchase from The Homestead via online and it has hurt Longaberger's consultants' sales and price and demand rule has proven obvious. Hence, I have stopped purchasing Longaberger, unless I can find a wonderful deal on a few items here on eBay.


GypsyLaKat (Missy) said...

well it may hurt *new* customer sales for consultants, but if consultants give their customers their "MyShop" link and the customer shops the homestead from that link, consultants get credit for those sales, they also get credit for anything sold off of their "MyShop"
Missy's Market Basket

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Missy, I was a consultant for many years and have over 300 Longaberger baskets with a cabinet and hutch full of fruit medley pottery and heritage green dinnerware and minis. I have a signed basket from Dave, many award baskets and have many signed from family members. I sold before Longaberger opened up their shop link to everyone. I sold tons of items on eBay, made GREAT money and then everything started being outsourced more and more and the quality of the liners, etc. went downhill. Prices remained the same and the quality sank. If you try to sell your older baskets on eBay now, you won't get squat for them. The value of Longaberger baskets has dropped drastically and my only hope is the company go under so I can possibly recoop some of my much wasted money on my baskets. Fortunately for me, I got most free or at a reduced price because I was a consultant. I have Longaberger border, bedding, etc throughout our home as well. Things will never be the same there and weren't after Dave died. Tami built a house that I heard cost about 8 million and laid off many of her weavers. When I used to visit the factory, the floor was FULL of weavers, now there are not a quarter there. Dave put money into the company and kept merchandise within the USA. Longaberger will never be the same and will continue to be run into the ground by Tami. It's a shame... he had a good thing going.