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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dad's News...

My dad went to the doctor to have a spot on his temple checked. The doctor froze a few spots on his face and they did a biopsy on the larger spot on his temple. They are waiting on results to see what type of cancer it is. Dad worked for parks and rec for many, many years and drove around alot in the truck, as a supervisor, and when he wasn't driving in his truck, he was working outside. He wore sunscreen and still does... Please send prayers his way ~ *hugs*

The Homecoming Dance...

Last night was the homecoming dance. They had a really nice time. They went out to dinner at Glory Days... of course I had to sing Bruce's song until I was bribed to stop LOL!!!! What a great time they had and nice memories were made... xox

Do You Mulch For Winter?

Years ago, when I was a bit more energetic and more anal about my yard, I would edge and mulch every fall and blow each leaf off of my gardens. Boy was I silly... Not only was I wasting time and money, I was getting rid of a very valuable natural resource. I just finished mowing my yard and although my new Cub Cadet doesn't mulch the leaves as nice as my antique John Deere, I choose to blow the leaves onto my flower beds. Not only does this save money on mulch, but it saves alot of time and effort and provides my perennials with natural acids.

The only drawback to doing this is that you must be an early gardener and get outside and remove the leaves off of the beds. If left for too long, they can kill your investment.