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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Last Set of Pumpkins - How To Make Them

I have one last set of primitive pumpkins in my eBay store. I enjoy making these and usually start making them at the end of July-early August. These pumpkins are made by using 4 pieces of material, and then whip stitching the bottom, turn inside out and rag stuff with a bit of polyfil on the top. I whip stitch the top closed and hot glue a stick and spanish moss on the top. A small piece of gingham adds a finishing touch. I always spray my pumpkins with a delicious pumpkin scent and add a little hang tag with a little rusty safety pin. They are great to use in a wooden bowl from October through November...

eBay Winter Auction Templates - Boost Your Sales!

Stop in my eBay store and find a template to make your auctions look professional and uniform during the holiday season. I offer over 100 templates to choose from. I will email them to you directly after payment, as well as send the code to you on a cd. Many request a refund, as the cd is not necessary and contains the same code as the one I send via email. The link to my eBay store is on the right. Thank you for viewing my items~

Fall ~ A Gorgeous Time Of Year On the Mountain

One of the most gorgeous times of year here on the mountain is fall... A time when the leaves are changing and the gorgeous evergreens compliment the foliage of the deciduous trees of all colors. The picture of the Kwanzan Cherry is so pretty, and if you think this tree is pretty in the fall, you should see the spectacular spring blooms.

This is a Temple Maple. It is not like most fast growing maples. It has grown extremely slowly and is very dense. The birds love it in the summer time.

Dogwoods with their deep red leaves, are such a rich contrast against the evergreens. I have many white and pink dogwoods planted throughout the property. In the fall, the red berries provide food for the birds. They usually have the seeds eaten before hard winter comes. In the spring, the flowers are breathtaking and some blooms get as large as my palm.

Many of our leaves have fallen. The Bradford Pears are just now starting to turn red. The Ash trees have dropped their leaves, along with the walnut trees. The Hickory trees are vibrant yellow and look so pretty near the evergreens and dogwoods. I hope you are enjoying your fall foliage as much as I am...