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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tired of being told one thing and getting another??

Last Saturday, I received a call from Sprint. They offered me a free phone and free additional line. I told them that I didn't need anymore, even if it was free, but they insisted I get on the website, view my free phone, etc and I thought, why not?? I could give the phone to our parents! Monday, the phone arrived and I was on the phone with them, and 5 representatives, trying to fight for the FREE line that they promised me. How rediculous is that?? I finally talked to "Accounting" and she tried to get me to agree to 4.99 per month for the FREE line and I declined and told them to DEACTIVATE the new line asap. She RELUCTANTLY agreed to give me what was promised 2 days prior. I have had this issue with them regarding my roaming minutes as well. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't FREE mean FREE?? If I didn't already have a contract with them and such excellent reception where we live, I would consider going to another cell provider... Has anyone else had this problem?? Hubby calls it the old bait and switch trick. It is soooooooooo draining talking to all of those reps and hearing different rates and fees and circumstances ~ I bet many people just don't bother to fight it, but I would think that excellent customer service and consistency would win more customers, wouldn't it??