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Monday, November 10, 2008

Do You Like To Wrap Christmas Gifts?

I love going downstairs on Christmas Eve to wrap Christmas presents. I enjoy having our Christmas tree lights on and thinking about how each gift will be perceived and appreciated on Christmas morning. We always use our Longaberger cookie plate with matching tumbler to put Santa's cookies and milk in on the counter. Wrapping paper is still a traditional wrap here. Sometimes we put the grandparent's gifts in a nice bag with tissue paper, but I think kids always love ripping the paper off of the gift to unveil the surprise. Do you like to wrap Christmas gifts?

Greta's Interview With Sarah Palin

I'm working on templates and listening to Greta's interview with Sarah Palin. I am not sure that Palin would be able to win the Presidency in 4 years and not sure that I would vote for her. I am hoping a few strong leaders will step up to the plate to represent the Republican party. Time will tell.

When Do You Decorate For Christmas?

Only a little over a month left before Christmas will be here. This summer and fall have breezed by quickly. We usually enjoy decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and we keep our decorations up until New Year's Day. When do you decorate for Christmas?

Obama Must Forsake Cap Gains Tax Hike

Published on on November 10, 2008

Wall Street is engaged in a test of wills with President-elect Barack Obama. The market, which dropped one thousand points last week, is not going to recover until the next president forswears his plans to raise the capital gains tax. In our book Fleeced we predicted that the Dow would crash after an Obama election because of fears that he will raise taxes, particularly the tax on capital gains.

As we argued in Fleeced, even an unsophisticated investor realizes that if he sells now, he will only have to give the government 15% of his profits whereas if he waits until Obama takes office, he may have to fork over an additional five to fifteen percent of the profits to Washington. Any moron can tell it makes sense to sell before the tax hike kicks in. And since these increases are usually retroactive, investors will take care to sell ASAP rather than wait.

So Obama is in the position of asking people to have confidence in the markets, even though he proposes to as much as double their taxes should they succeed.

The collision course between Obama's leftist ideology and the reality of the markets could not be more striking. The president-elect is surrounded by economic advisors who want to raise capital gains taxes, as much because of their ideology as for any practical benefit. Dick recalls vividly his meeting with Bob Rubin when he was Treasury Secretary under Clinton. Rubin opposed any cut in the capital gains tax even though he admitted that a cut in the tax would not cut, but might even augment, government revenues. Obama, himself, defended an increase as a matter of social fairness in the campaign debates when he was asked whether he favored increasing the tax even though history showed that a higher tax did not generate increased revenues.

Now Obama will have to choose between ideology and reality. Unless and until he pledges to abandon his plans for higher taxes, he will find nothing but bad news in the business sections of the nation's newspapers. He can claim all he wants that the crash is due to Bush's policies, but the fact is that the market advanced during the last week of the campaign when it looked like McCain was gaining and then fell sharply in the two days after Obama's victory.

Depressingly, many of the predictions in Fleeced are now likely to come true, from the overloading of our health care system and the resulting rationing of health care to the weakening of the Patriot Act. We will report on these as they unfold, hoping to generate a climate of moderation and pragmatism in Washington. LOL.

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Denise Austin Mini Stepper... Uh Oh

I bought the Denise Austin Mini Stepper from Amazon for my birthday a year ago. I really loved it at first, but after using it awhile, one of the shocks is already broken and I end up with one shock working and the other side collapsing when stepping on it. It wasn't that expensive, but it was expensive enough that I feel it should have lasted longer. I have also read on the review guides that people write that it seems exercise equipment that has shocks does not last. Sometimes the grease/oil spurts out of the equipment onto their carpeting. So, even though I told many of you that I was so tickled with my mini stepper, at this point, I would not advise you to get one. A good old fashioned walk outside is free and won't break down.

Happy Monday ~

Hubby got me these pretty flowers for my birthday :) Believe it or not, I set them out on the porch when a few started losing their petals and they are still pretty! Most of them are mums, which you know can tolerate cooler weather. I will be cleaning today... always try to do that on Mondays after a weekend of this and that. It's a bit nippy here today, but the sun is shining, which is always pleasant. I am working on templates today and still contemplating on what to do with my store at this point. It's a shame eBay has to "fix" what isn't broken, but what do you do? Weigh what will benefit you the most and roll with it...