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Monday, November 10, 2008

Denise Austin Mini Stepper... Uh Oh

I bought the Denise Austin Mini Stepper from Amazon for my birthday a year ago. I really loved it at first, but after using it awhile, one of the shocks is already broken and I end up with one shock working and the other side collapsing when stepping on it. It wasn't that expensive, but it was expensive enough that I feel it should have lasted longer. I have also read on the review guides that people write that it seems exercise equipment that has shocks does not last. Sometimes the grease/oil spurts out of the equipment onto their carpeting. So, even though I told many of you that I was so tickled with my mini stepper, at this point, I would not advise you to get one. A good old fashioned walk outside is free and won't break down.

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