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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Blues?

I have read articles that discuss many people getting the "winter blues", especially during the holiday season. It certainly is understandable, isn't it? There is always the pressure of getting the decorations out, shopping and hoping to please everyone and paying bills while trying to provide gifts for loved ones, illness... and the many, many people who have lost loved ones and go through the holidays without them...

I think we are simply too busy to have time to get the winter blues. There is always something going on and much to do around here. We enjoy movies and play Texas Holdem, Apples to Apples and have fun planning our summer camping trips. Family time and memories are always a joy to make.

Sometimes though, when the clouds are looming and the trees are bare and everyday life is heavy on your shoulders, it is hard to keep your chin up and a smile on your face. When you start to feel down, maybe you can look at summer pictures to cheer you up. Bundling up and taking a walk is always nice, too! I love the vacation feature on my eBay store and it frees up time for me to be with my family.

If you think you are experiencing the winter blues, which include not feeling like doing everyday things, not cleaning, spending too much time sleeping, having very little desire to leave the house or maybe even have crying spells or very sad times, you may need to take a visit to your doctor. Take care of yourself and recognize the signs of "winter blues"...