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Thursday, June 5, 2008

New eBay Listings

I just got these gorgeous tea stained flag buntings in and absolutely LOVE them! I have one on auction and the others are in my eBay store. These Americana, primitive firecrackers were handmade by me... Please visit my eBay store to purchase them...

eBay Groups ~

If you have sold on eBay, you know that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of eBay groups that you can join. About 3 years ago, I joined a group called CPKC... and then later a group called APCG. I learned so many things while being a moderator in APCG. Our leader had the best ideas in marketing and advertising out there. She was the first to have a group website and was very driven to give us the best in advertising, while spending many hours sitting at the computer to do so. Today, there are blogs, which everyone truly enjoys and the price is right :) Aside from blogs, group members on eBay are asked to use the abbreviated letters in their title searches to "promote" their group, use group templates and use various logos that have the group's name or initials on them. Aside from using group initials, blogs and websites, many groups are venturing into wonderful country magazines such as Country Sampler. These are all wonderful ways to promote groups, especially craft groups, that are trying to make a little extra money and at the same time, doing what they love. I am a leader of a wonderful group of gals called Primitive Folkart and Candle Crafters aka PFACC. We have a small, close knit, private group of ladies that share tips and ideas and are free to discuss anything they want... from children, family life, crafting, to gardening... whatever comes up through our day, we know that we are there for each other. You may click on my PFACC link to see our group's listings and wonderful products!