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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


When I was little, I used to LOVE playing dress up and played tag in the yard for hours, running through the lightening bugs and feeling the wet dew under my bare feet... Now I've been tagged and here are my answers to 5 things you never knew about me... I have tagged others and will wait and see where they run to next ~
1. I met my hubby online ~2. I love Mustangs (the car), but they just aren't suitable for "mom's taxi purposes" ~3. I used to do wedding invites, as I enjoyed calligraphy and love painting with watercolors ~4. I'm scared of bridges... YEPPERS!! Just like Mark on The Biggest Loser, I hate them. I don't like driving over them, walking over them or anything about them.5. I enjoy reality shows ~ I have tagged , , and I think that's it... unless I tagged again?? LOL!!!!! Are we having fun yet?? I think we are tagging each other..... ROFL!!!