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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Thoughts

This was my favorite moment of the Inauguration. I watched much of the events... I really enjoy watching body language and facial expressions and the moment that touched me the most, was "the hug". It looks like Bush is hugging a son that he is proud of going off to college. I feel that the first time President Obama was briefed by Bush that he had a very big "uh oh" moment. At that point I think he realized all of the things that Bush had done was simply because he "had" to. As what is surfacing now, President Obama cannot make the promises he campaigned to do because his hands are tied, due to all that encircles him. The one thing that I have always loved about President Obama surfaced yesterday (I voted for McCain and volunteered many hours on his campaign) was the eloquence in which he delivered his speech. He is an excellent orator and his voice and delivery alone can mesmerize even the biggest Republican fan. Let us hope with God's touch, President Obama can pull the country out of its economic woes and put us on the path of energy independence. God bless us all.


Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Just looking at that pic makes me teary eyed. No matter what people thought of Bush as a president, I hope they saw the beautiful soul he was.

Although I disagree about Obama's speaking skills, (his words just don't ring true to me and his extemporaneous speaking just plain drives me nuts)I do wish him well. I pray that the hand of God will be on him as he leads our country. He will need it. I pray for his family because they will be making many sacrifices.

I feel sad that President Bush was treated so badly at the ceremonies. I hope he knows that there are those of us who appreciate the fact that he made the hard choices that kept us safe. I really hope that President Obama is up to the challenge.

Sarah said...

Beautifully put!!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Yes Mary, shame on those who "booed" President Bush, however, if the situation was reversed and President Obama was leaving office, I am sure there would be people there to "boo" him as well. President Bush served our country for 8 years and kept us safe. Let's pray President Obama will continue keeping us safe.

President Obama has been labeled as one of the best if not THE best Presidential speakers in history. He draws the most crowds and moves the most people when he speaks. Granted, much of what he speaks is written by writers, I personally am giving credit where credit is due and I think that his eloquence in speaking is one of the main reasons he won this past election.

Arguments to the fact that he was going to bring our troops home gained him tons of supporters. However, when blogging and supporting McCain, I tried to express that President Obama will simply be moving them to Afghanistan, which is the same thing McCain was going to do. So, to vote for Obama to bring our troops home was simply not enough reason to me, because of the ever present turmoil in the mid east and President Obama's unrealistic and naive thinking with rose colored glasses perched on his nose.

President Obama is our President and I respect that he is and pray for him because if he fails, our country fails.

I am a true blue Republican... spent many hours on the phone campaigning for McCain, however, above being a Republican, I am an American and will support President Obama on what I believe to be the best for America and will pray for guidance from God to help him. xox

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

My hubby watched it last night and the one thing he noticed was that none of the democratic past and present presidents even saluted the marines as they came by..but both the george bushes did..makes me wonder and think..that these men and women in the armed forces are fighting for our freedom and these men can't even salute them back..I just hope and pray that Obama is the president that we all love and can't stop talking about..cause we did not vote for him either...he is just to inexperienced...I am reading the comments left and I agree with them all..I just hope he is up for the challenge and doesn't make some really stupid the one to close down Guatamano bay down..he wants these nasty folks to go and live at Camp Pendleton with military familys etc..cause if he ships them off to china they will be killed..oh my gosh..isn't that what they were going to do in the first place was kill a bunch of folks...anyway off my soap box for now...We will support him as long as he supports us...have a great wednesday...:)

Country*Road*Primitives said...

That is sad to hear. I didn't see anything last night because we were out for dinner with a friend, celebrating her passing her citizenship test.

I did see the Obama's at a ball and they had a troop on a screen and they were mostly from IL and Obama saluted them.

I was truly saddened when McCain lost and researched alot about Obama, his connections, his beliefs and the lack of time and experience in politics. My blog was filled with information about his partial birth abortion stance, etc.

I guess I have my rose colored glasses on now and hope that President Obama makes decisions for the best of all of us, and not for his liberal agenda that we all feared during the campaign.

Theresa said...

There were many teary eyed moments. I felt sorry for Bush several times, and like you, I pray our new president will make the right decisions and will pull our country out of woes. I do respect him as our president.

Betty BeadBug said...

I couldn't agree more!