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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

USPS Carrier Pickup

Have you ever used USPS Carrier Pickup? I absolutely love it! We live in a rural area and to go to the post office feels like it takes 1/2 day to get there. I use carrier pickup all of the time. You have until 2:00 am to request it the night before and if you live 100 yards or so (you'll have to confirm the exact distance with USPS) from your mailbox, your carrier is required to leave your parcels on your door step and pick up your parcels using the pick up option.

We lived here for years before I knew that our mailman should be delivering our packages. He used to leave them with my friend that lived on the corner by the mailboxes, or we would receive a slip of paper in the mail telling us we had a parcel to pick up at the post office.

One day I received a form to fill out so they could see how happy we were with the service. I expressed my feelings about the drive to the post office and how it was nice that our neighbor accepted the parcels for the neighborhood. It was at that time that I was told I lived within the distance that the mailman should have been delivering our packages all along.

Give it a try and if you are living in a rural area and have been receiving notifications to pick up your parcel, you may want to inquire with the postmaster or call to see if you are within the distance to receive that service.


RunsWithScissors said...

I love USPS pickup! I use it when I have packages going out that are too large for my mailbox and no more wasting time watching for the mailman so I can run out and catch him.

Your blog is absolutely beautiful! Nice job!


Sugar Bush Primitives said...

I love the carrier pickup feature. We have an absolutely wonderful mail lady. Sometimes we leave a treat for her to pick up along with the packages. :)


Sarah said...

I love the house pickup!!! Saves me a huge amount of time. I have an in home preschool and I can't get out during the week. Our post office is closed on Sat. It's so nice to not worry about my art getting shipped on time!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Mary, I am sure she LOVES your treats because I know I do!! xox

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Thank you Karen and I LOVE YOUR NAME! That is soooo clever! I know we all have been told not to run with scissors and I tell my girls the same thing... and to point them downwards... too cute!

Thank you ladies for stopping by! It's always a treat to meet new friends and also chat with old ones :) xox

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Hi Sarah ~ I'm in the same boat. Our PO is open on Saturdays though, until 12.

I also love their FREE boxes :)

Kath said...

Oh this would come in so handy... we live out away from town too, and I don't drive the winter...this would be great, I'll have to check into it!


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Yes, Kath, check into it ~ I hope you can utilize it... it is wonderful! xox

Janelle said...

First of all - LOVE your new background!
I'm fortunate to live inside the city, and happen to know my mailman, so all I have to do is put my packages on my front door and stick a lil note to him in my box and put the flag up and he comes up to my door everytime - no matter WHAT the weather here is like! :)


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Thank you Janelle! Great to hear that there is still awesome customer service out there :) I bet USPS has picked up alot of business since they started that service... it's wonderful! xox