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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pray For Caylee

Whenever I see a picture of that little 3 year old angel, my heart hurts. I pray that Caylee is not in pain, or being abused and that God has her in his gentle hands. I hope the police and other officials are able to solve this situation soon, so that there is closure for her loved ones and all who sit on the edges of their seats when we hear that there is breaking news on the Caylee Anthony case... *sending prayers to precious Caylee*


Janelle said...

As you know, I live not far from Orlando - actually live less than a mile from where Trenton Duckett lived and his mother said he was "taken" from. We'll never know what happened to him because she lied to the cops over and over again and then shot her brains out.
I have been glued to the tv since the reporting of Caylee missing, and we get a lot more info here with the local news than some of the cable or national media show. This whole thing has blown up and Casey, her mother - I don't even wanna get started on her! The entire family is screwed up and it gets me outraged that they don't just let her sit her butt in jail. She's not gonna tell the truth no matter what. I only pray that lil Caylee's body is found and she gets the burial she deserves.

Country*Road*Primitives said...

I agree... she has been lying to the cops since day 1 and I think her mother is scared of losing both her daughter and granddaughter. From what the news is saying, her mother was constantly onto her about Caylee and how she was raising her. I have always had the feeling that Caylee died in the swimming pool, or that she was left in the car and died from the heat. I think her death was accidental and Casey simply did not want her mother to be right in that she was not a fit mom. I also think that she has lied to cope with the death of her daughter and that she is in denial herself. The other possibility, which is what the news brought to the attention of many, is that it is possible that she drugged Caylee so she could party for the evening and Caylee died... again I think it was accidental, but never the less, Caylee is gone. I'm glad the other person being accused of taking her is pressing charges. Hopefully, Casey will get enough against her that she will be in jail a long time. I wonder why they aren't looking for Caylee's remains in the landfill? It has been reported twice that there was a dumpster and recycling bin where the car was... It is evident from everyone that was near the car, that there was a dead body in it. It is all very sad for that little child.

Janelle said...

Here in FL, you only have 170 days after charging someone, to bring them to court on those charges. I think the OCSO is holding off until they gather enough evidence to convict her for a LONG time. They do NOT wanna go to court unprepared.
Yes, Zenaida Gonzales is suing her and I'm glad she is - Casey has ruined this woman's life and also her children's lives.
Whether her death was accidental or not, Casey isn't ever going to tell the truth. I think she's gotten away with her behavior for YEARS with her parents, and they've allowed it. One just doesn't become a thief and a habitual liar over night.
The mother and father have both made outrageous statements to the press the last few months, and I think they could possibly know something, but don't want to be honest either, for fear of losing Casey, and possibly facing charges of purjury as well....
It gets more and more bizarre with each day.
Casey went to the jail today for her weekly drug test, and once again, she was wearing a t shirt that says, "Have you seen Caylee"....
I don't think she should be let off, once this goes to trial, for not guilty be reason of insanity either. SHe's sane enough to carry on with her regular party life day after day when Caylee was first missing, and carries on with her daily life now as though nothing out of the norm has happened....she needs to be in FL State PRison for life...with NO possibility of parole.
I could go on for HOURS about this, so I better stop!


Pam said...

Carla Everytime I see that on tv it makes me sick to. That poor little child. I sure hope they do find her soon.

hugs pam

Theresa said...

Love the picture Carla...I feel so bad for that baby. I agree with you, I think it was a accident and honestly wonder if the mom knew about it from the get go. I think it would be awful if that baby was in a landfill. I wonder how anyone, could put their child in something like that. Makes me ill. So sad.