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Sunday, November 9, 2008

EBay Best Match Search

I just wanted to mention again, when you get a chance, do a search on your eBay items to see what comes up. A friend emailed me earlier and told me her items were not in the search results either. This means we MUST put a few auction listings out there to draw business into our eBay stores. I have personally used the .35 cents 30 day listing option and I haven't made any sales from it, however, I may have sold something indirectly by putting items on auction. Search results are not displaying store items. I have called eBay in regards to this, but in the meantime, if you only have a few items in your store, you may want to close your store and simply list on the 30 day auction listing for .35 cents per item. You will save money.

I removed my store banners, quilted throw pillows, bed ruffles and some of my other miscellaneous things. I hope they put our stores back on the site soon, or I may be closing my store. Why have it open if nobody sees the listings due to their poor search engine?


Theresa said...

Thank you Carla.....we learn so much from you! You are so right, and hopefully e-bay will change things. I love your new background!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

You are welcome Theresa. I am not sure if eBay will continue with Best Match and not show the store items underneath like they used to or what they will do. If they continue not to show the stores, I will seriously think about depleting my stock as quickly as possible and close mine and just list my items on the 30 day rotation for .35 cents. You can list approximately 45 items for the cost of the store fee. hehehe! Thank you on the background! I love it and had so much fun sorting through them all. She has so many pretty ones. You should put your pink one back up :) xox