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Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Fall and It's Time For Homecoming!

We have a brand new high school and it is gorgeous! Last night was the homecoming game, which our guys lost by a huge margin. This is their new football field... yes, can you believe it is artificial?

This is one of the floats for their parade and we were very proud of our daughter being on the homecoming court.

We can't forget the band!! Such a large part of my high school was being in the band. I was a "flag twirler" and loved going to the football games and performing at half time and traveling to competitions. The band looks superb with their new uniforms...

It was a bit nippy out last night. The wind was constantly blowing and we were huddled under an old soft quilt. They may have lost the game, but everyone had a good time and enjoyed one of their best memories of their lifetime.

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