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Monday, May 12, 2008

Have you started planting your annuals yet? Rule of thumb here in West "by God" Virginia is after Mother's Day. Southern States has a wide variety of vegetable plants and annuals, however, I found out Saturday that they sell the very same brand that WalMart does and of course, WalMart's prices are less expensive. It is raining here today and calling for flash floods in our area. After the last few years of having such dry summers, we truly do welcome the rain... I love cool colors and these purple petunias are one of my favorites. Although the petunias tend to get very leggy by fall, if you remember to pinch them off and keep them shorter, they will bush out more and look nicer longer. Enjoy your day and say a prayer for those that have lost their homes due to the recent tornados across the United States. *keeping them in my prayers*

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