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Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

I have been a slacker on my blog. I suppose the entire reason in the beginning was to promote my crafts and then it became somewhat of a journal somewhere along the way... Remembering that October was not only Breast Cancer Awareness month, but also Domestic Abuse Awareness month as well, I thought I would allow my blog to be seen on my Facebook page again JUST in case there may be someone bored that may actually read my blog and find my store of abuse. Again, if I can help one person, or touch one heart, then I would have accomplished why I wrote my story to begin with :)

Much has happened since I wrote last. My husband underwent a gastric bypass surgery, Taylor graduated high school, Morgan started high school and Paige went from being a toddler to a precious little girl. OH!! AND we got a pool. It's not a beautiful inground surrounded by landscape with a waterfall and gorgeous hot tub next to it, but it's a pool. It's an above ground 24' round and I spent the last few weeks figuring out what was best placed around it. My conclusion was scalloped bricks and the area from them to the pool edge I filled with lava rocks.

Of course, the pool (Doughboy) installation seemed easy enough, since we decided to go with a professional pool company, however, the pool wall has slight indentions in it. Fortunately, the pool company gave us a choice of $300 credit or a new wall and we chose the new wall~~ hands down. We also had to get 3 trees taken down, one of which was a gorgeous white oak tree.

Well, my computer play time is now spent on Facebook playing Farm Town and Mafia Wars, and I need to make sure I have harvested all 6 fields (YES 6 FIELDS) and see if any of my mafia family members need help on a war or mission before going to bed shortly. Take care and I'll try to be a little better at updating my blog. Be blessed xox

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