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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the Air

I haven't been able to take pics of the daffodils and crocus coming up and have been waiting to do so before I blog, so I decided to pop in and say hi and hopefully will get pics soon to post :)

The hearth pad came, but it was the wrong one. The one that arrived has two corners cut off for a wall placement. I notified the seller and they are sending out the correct one. Today, I received a phone call from a guy and I told him I didn't know him and he said, "Yes you do, I sold a hearth pad to you." I started laughing... I am so rude to callers on the home phone, as it usually is the ex calling on it LOL!! If it's not jerko the ex, it is a telemarketer.... even though I signed up for the "no call" list. Regardless, he told me that he found one of the original ones I chose and it is in great condition and he is shipping THAT one out. Later on, I received an email that said I could keep this one, as it would be pretty with garden pots sitting on it :) I plan on putting it at my gate to the back yard, but would LOVE to purchase vinyl fencing to replace my old wooden picket one that I have to paint every spring and it is beginning to rot :(. So, it will be another week or so before the pad comes.

The pipe that I bought is silver. I have decided to buy some flat black paint and paint it because the pipe is now going inside to avoid the electrical line and I want it to match the stove. I also had to purchase high temp caulking on eBay because no one has it in stock. It is "out of season" so glad an eBay seller had some :) hehehe! Let's hope I get the right caulking!

Tired so going to close now... I am hoping to get the craft bar cleaned up tomorrow. I am thinking about putting it all away for awhile. With sales slowing down on eBay, I would rather spend my time outside gardening then sitting and crafting something that is not going to sell. I still have alot of made in China items to list and sell, so I think that may suffice for awhile... until the end of summer maybe...

I hope all is well with you ~ Thank you for stopping in :)

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Pam said...

Hi Carla

So glad you got the hearth straightened out. That was nice of them to let you keep the wrong one. I bet your yard will be blooming everywhere soon. Tomorrow is the first day of spring, finally!!!!! Enjoy your yard and the girls. Have a wonderful friday..

hugs pam