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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Primitive Country Quilted Tree Skirts

Time to purchase a tree skirt before they sell out... These gorgeous tree skirts are still available, but not for long. I have sold many of the Tea Star Skirts and they have a limited supply available. These are from Victorian Heart and are absolutely gorgeous. I have several patterns available in my store.


Holly Tree Primitives said...

Wow! Beautiful tree skirts! Wish I had more money, but I think this Christmas is going to be a tight one. I suppose it will be that way for s lot of people this holiday season.

The blog has a nice look to it too, you do such good work!


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Thank you Michele ~ I agree... I think sales are going to be low this year, unless the gifts are for something "practical". Needs will override wants :) Thank you for the blog compliment, but I didn't create it. You can get one from the blue button at the top right of my blog. She has many to choose from and they are very easy to do :) xox

Sue said...

If I put a tree up any more I would get that last tree skirt...It reminds me of John's Quilt...I think this season will be mixed for selling...I see some are selling very well...Your blog looks very festive....

Country*Road*Primitives said...

I think John bought the gorgeous Postage Stamp quilt... Yes, it looks like the same colors... I love that quilt and this skirt is tempting for me to buy, but I have one that I made by hand and another I bought from VH about 3 years ago... Thank you Sue ~ I wanted a change :) xox