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Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Exercise Equipment

We were eating dinner and someone started pecking on the side porch door. I opened the door and the UPS man was standing there, all eyes on Bear. ROFL!! We were expecting him to be here on the 14th. I ordered hubby exercise equipment for his birthday and it came early. Bear was running around and of course, "greeted" the UPS guy. He had thrown Bear a treat to distract him until he could get HELP. He asked if Bear was mine and I told him yes and explained that when we know someone is coming, we confine him. The poor guy told me that Bear had really scary eyes. Bear is a very tall dog, a mutt lab shep mix and who knows what else, and is somewhat intimidating to people that first meet him. I held Bear while the UPS guy could get down the steps and he entered through the back door of his truck and left. I couldn't help giggling, as Bear to me will always be a big baby, but rest assured, he did not allow any space between me and the UPS guy ;)

By the way, the equipment has a chipped piece in it and the main bar is bent, so now I have to return it via UPS... if he'll come back!


Pam said...

HI Carla

THat's a funny story. Poor UPS Man..LOL He will send someone else. To bad about the exercise equiptment. Did Paul know he was getting it. Didn't you get some kind of exercise ball a while back. It's been raining here all day. Have a good evening

hugs pam

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Yes, I got a ball and video :) I told him what he was getting on his birthday. I think he is going to try to lug it to WalMart this weekend. This should be interesting! LOL!!! He's afraid the UPS man won't be back! xox