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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My First Peony Bloom!

May always brings the beginnings of my peonies opening up... such gorgeous perennials and I love the variety that I have in our yard. They are over 20 years old and still give us such pleasure. We picked up the Jimmy today. The radiator had a crack in it, so it was repaired and now we can drive it again. The air conditioner compressor is broken in it and it costs 1300.00 to repair, so looks like we'll be rolling the windows down this summer ~ LOL! Quiet day here. We got alot of rain and I was able to find the time to tie the tomato plants up before the rain beat them down more. Gas is 3.89 per gallon here, which is tolerable, but we are anticipating the increase as everyone else throughout the states. Looks like we'll be shopping for a hybrid when the car dies. They get twice the gas mileage that our old vehicles that we have do... imagine the savings on the cost of gasoline alone... I hope "young David" wins American Idol. He sings so effortlessly. Getting off the computer to craft a bit before hitting the hay... I hope you had a wonderful day!!

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